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Augmented reality a strategy to communicate innovation

Il chiostro di Sant'AgostinoThe Presidential Medal of the Italian Republic awarded the event “Quantum art, science and augmented reality: innovation synergies” (quARte) – November 9, 2013 in Pietrasanta (Tuscany). The event, organized by Egocreanet and other partners, is aimed to empower science and art creativity, together with the development of augmented reality communication.

Coordinators of the “augmented reality” (AR) sector are Mirco Compagno and Giuliana Guazzaroni who realized, AR itineraries for Macerata Digitale, in the historic centre, and Giuseppe Verdi’s AR performance in Galeotti Gallery for Macerata Opera Festival Off 2013 (“Muri e divisioni” contemporary art exhibition).

These two experiences, examined during the augmented reality workshop in Pietrasanta as strategic case histories, can represent an additional value for crucial sectors as active citizenship and territorial marketing (e.g. Macerata Digitale) or the communication of art and culture (e.g. Giuseppe Verdi performance). Augmented reality, in these contexts, is both a ludic and an educational experience; it can attract an active audience in order to live a unique experience.

Augmented reality, as highlighted during the event, is a positive strategy to communicate innovation, creativity and use a gamification approach. However, AR is capable to offer stimuli in different crucial fields: books, advertising, domotic, territorial marketing, art promotion etc.

The Presidential Medal of the Italian Republic awarded the actual value of what the group as done regarding AR until now.

In the next few months, the quArte group has decided to give additional emphasis to AR communication to find out new approaches to launch entrepreneur innovation.

A call for ideas has been launched by arxlab community (an independent research laboratory coordinated by Mirco Compagno and Giuliana Guazzaroni), in order to collect useful incentives and achieve the next objectives of the group. To participate join:


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