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Open background of an AR experience

Macerata: Notte dell'Opera, image by F.Papa-Adam Accademia

Macerata: Notte dell’Opera, image by F. Papa – Sferisterio

“Muri e divisioni” (“Walls and divisions”) is the title of the Macerata Opera Festival 2013. An edition completely devoted to the opera composer Giuseppe Verdi to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth. A call for artists was organized by Adam Accademia delle Arti, a local no-profit organization composed by 40 artists, to collect proper artworks for the exhibition. An augmented reality (AR) experience was planned to engage visitors with Verdi’s music, from Nabucco and Il Trovatore. The event exhibition “Muri e divisioni” took place from July 18th to September 29th 2013 in a Gallery called Palazzo Galeotti located in the city centre. To live the augmented reality performance, 7 auras were made. Two musical paths were created: one was based on “Dio di Giuda”, “S’appressan gl’istanti” and “Va pensiero” from Nabucco; another “Di quella pira”, “Tacea la notte placida”, “Terzetto Anima mia!” and “Stride la vampa” from Il Trovatore. The music augmented 7 artworks of the painters: Simona Breccia, Hernàn Chavar, Dorian X, Gabriella Gattari, Luna Simoncini, Marco Temperini and Tomas.The augmented reality has been created to make visitors perform a unique experience in a contemporary art gallery. The public may dynamically live something special, while appreciating paintings and installations. Giuseppe Verdi’s music augments pieces of art and specific gestures appear at the same time. The visitor has to abandon his/her apathy to perform something unexpected and to enjoy the two itineraries. The augmented reality experience was designed and realized by Mirco Compagno (AR techno-scientific researcher) and Giuliana Guazzaroni (AR researcher) for Adam Accademia delle Arti [Read all the story…]


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