Emotional Mapping of Museum Augmented Places

Manipolazioni virtuali della realtà, gesti, forme, superfici vive con realtà aumentata e virtuale

Oeuvre #AR fusion

Augmented reality and the
oeuvre fusion

In questo video viene rappresentata l’idea che l’artista aveva suggerito: una fusione con la propria opera d’arte.


A fusion is something new that is created by a mixture of different qualities, ideas, or things.

This definition of fusion, taken from the Collins Cobuild, is at the basis of the idea of art and AR technology highlighted by the artist Anna Morroni in Clytemnestra (2006).
It is something unexpected and different. A new communication artwork allows the public to interact with the creation of one of her paintings. A fusion generates from the mixture of the artist’s generosity with the AR facilities. During the performance the artist is showing herself in the very process of painting creating, and she is inviting the audience to interact with her art. Namely, she is engaging other viewers with her inner artistic inspiration. A pure act of generosity and kindness, which reveals special care for others.
Using a handheld device the public can access the barrier of art and enter into the very act of the artistic handiwork. AR facilities represent an effective technology to make objects become alive and tell stories for the benefit of an attentive audience (video and article originally published in TheRound“).



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