Emotional Mapping of Museum Augmented Places

Manipolazioni virtuali della realtà, gesti, forme, superfici vive con realtà aumentata e virtuale

Emotional Mapping of Augmented Places

TabletThe format EMMAP (Emotional Mapping of Museum Augmented Places) is devoted to promote mobile, ubiquitous learning environments and augmented reality in museums or in other places of historic-cultural interest. It has been experimented in three different museums and in the urban streets. The participants to the trials were about 400 people. Among these there are pupils attending Secondary school, students of the Academy of Fine Arts, teachers and above all citizens. The Secondary schools students visited the Archaeological Museum of San Severino Marche, the Academy of Fine Arts learners visited the Macerata Carriage Museum while teachers and citizens participated to a walk all around Macerata urban walls to visit “Street Poetry”, an exhibition in augmented reality, and L’Aquila edition of “Poesia di Strada in realtà aumentata”. Moreover, they have been visiting Palazzo Galleria Galeotti.

The author has developed EMMAP, during the PhD program in “e-Learning” at the Faculty of Engineering, Polytechnic University of Le Marche, Ancona, Italy. A relevant didactic tool is an emotional map. The subjective mapping is used to acquire confidence within the complexity of a real environment in a situated learning experience. In fact, during the didactic experiment every participant is engaged in the co-construction of content, relating to the real environment, recreated through a personal lens. Useful materials are produced by learners using anecdotes, legends, memories, stories, poems, information, messages or questions to be left in the location for future visitors. The predisposed paths are contained in specific maps. They are delineated by Augmented Reality (AR) and visible through an augmented reality browser.


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