Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Goddess

Manipolazioni virtuali della realtà, gesti, forme, superfici vive con realtà aumentata, mondi virtuali e riprese 360°

Augmented Reality to augment the languages of art and learning

AQStreet poetry in augmented reality is a multisensoral experience of artistic works and poetry using augmented reality for a research experiment at L’Aquila and Macerata (other experiments are predicted to be done in other significative places). About 90 of the most important works for Street poetry are on the streets leading up to the center of L’Aquila, along all of the perimeter of the ancient walls of Macerata and at Borgo Villa Ficana where they are on permanent exhibition.
Since 15 years the winning poets, could see their poetry made into art on a canvas from selected artists and put in centers of art and culture, in libraries and galleries.

The virtual gallery for contemporary art “Street poetry in augmented reality” in L’Aquila is the second edition of the event after Macerata. The idea of the designer and curator of the experience, Giuliana Guazzaroni, is to make art centers use “augmented reality” in particular expressive places. The idealized road represents a foundation between two worlds, the real world and virtual world; an invite to rediscover abandoned places of the mind, to stop and discover an artistic reality that has never been seen before.

“Augmented Reality” is an enrichment of human perception, using information or electronics to go beyond our perception of the five senses. This type of experience permits us to visualize what is not visible to the naked eye, supported by a mobile device and a free app for augmented reality. “Augmenting” a place with added on elements invites moving from normal vision of art towards a more complex object or surface on which movements, voices and sounds are projected. Creating a multidimensional experience of virtual works in “augmented reality” transports us towards new realities.

The choice for L’Aquila as being the place for the project is not just a casual choice. It wants to represent a true “shake for society”; moving to zones that are still cracked by the earthquake, it chooses strongly communicative scenarios. For the L’Aquila edition the following realities where involved: ADAM Accademia Delle Arti Macerata with the Mayor of L’Aquila in collaboration with “Licenze Poetiche”, “L’Aquila eMotion” and “Noi, L’Aquila” which have promoted the contemporary art gallery since 30 June, 2012.

The project of augmenting the languages of art and learning is part of a research. The output of the research is a didactic “format” for “Informal Learning” paths. The name of the format is also the title of Giuliana Guazzaroni’s research “Emotional Mapping of Museum Augmented Places” (EMMAP). The research has been developed at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione (DII) of Università Politecnica delle Marche, Curriculum in e-Learning, Via Brecce Bianche, Ancona (Italy).


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