Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Goddess

Manipolazioni virtuali della realtà, gesti, forme, superfici vive con realtà aumentata, mondi virtuali e riprese 360°

Street Poetry in Augmented Reality

Street Poetry in Augmented Reality“Street Poetry in Augmented Reality”
Permanent Art Itinerary Opening: June 30th 2012 hrs. 5.30 pm
INFOBOX “Noi, L’Aquila” Piazza Duomo, L’Aquila.

Visual arts, poetry and emotional mapping to empower the city” (Giuliana Guazzaroni – designer and curator of the exhibition).

ADAM Accademia delle Arti of Macerata, with the legal aid of the Municipality of L’Aquila, and in collaboration with “Licenze Poetiche”, “L’Aquila eMotion” and “Noi, L’Aquila”, organizes and promotes an exhibition of contemporary art: Street poetry in augmented reality in L’Aquila.
Art installations in “augmented reality”, designed and curated by Giuliana Guazzaroni, are displayed in selected places of interest and recollection. Pieces of art are intended as emotional memories left there by artists and poets. L’Aquila 2009 earthquake caused destruction and death; nowadays the city has not been completely reconstructed and most of the mediaeval city of L’Aquila is still closed to citizens and visitors. Building an emotional itinerary, marked by virtual artworks, is another way to collectively recollect the recent history of the location. The exhibition is visible using a smartphone or a tablet and using a free app called “Layar” to discover street art and poetry.
The permanent art itinerary will be opened on June 30th at 5.30 pm in the INFOBOX “Noi, L’Aquila” located in Piazza Duomo.


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