Emotional Mapping of Museum Augmented Places

Manipolazioni virtuali della realtà, gesti, forme, superfici vive con realtà aumentata e virtuale

Emotional Mapping of a Place of Interest Using Mobile Devices for Learning

Slide della presentazione del paper:

Guazzaroni, G. & Leo, T. (2011). Emotional Mapping of a Place of
Interest Using Mobile Devices for Learning. In I. Arnedillo Sánchez &
P. Isaías (Eds.) Proceedings of IADIS International Conference on
Mobile Learning (pp. 277-281) Avila, E.

Abstract: Neurologists have demonstrated that learning is a complex process which simultaneously activates the modes of perception of the left and right cerebral hemispheres. Recent brain research consequently points to the necessity of a “bimodal” pedagogical approach which stimulates the brain’s two hemispheres. Numerous research studies support the assertion that emotions play a significant role in learning as they influence cognitive processes. This paper is related to: a. recognizing the importance of emotions in a situated learning experience; b. propose a concept for a ubiquitous environment, characterized by a “bimodal” pedagogical approach, where participants experience a learning path located in a specific place (e.g. a museum), using smart technologies and emotional cartography while interacting with peers in a social co-construction of meaning. Moreover, during the visit students cultivate different forms of smarts, based on Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, while developing key attitudes for the future.



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